June 29th, 2007

BN - burned


So, um. If you haven't started watching Burn Notice yet?

Watch it. It's awesome. And no pesky morals, but still with a soft and squishy center!
dr. ? - jelly babies


Warning to fellow Wii owners: the Harry Potter game is addictive. I mean, you run into people, and they actually stumble! It's awesome! Plus, there's this one statue that tells really bad wizarding jokes. And you can play exploding snap and gobstones! Of course, my sensor is being stupid and not recognizing half of my spells (I will never, I fear, be able to cast Expelliarmus or Incendio). Eh, I'll move it and try again later. Since I just spent two straight hours playing it. Two AWESOME hours.

...right, I'll go geek over here. Since tomorrow will include downloading/watching the latest Doctor Who, a Harry Potter costume contest (that may have trivia), and playing WarioWare on the Wii. I love being a loser.
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