July 4th, 2007

TW - shiny teeth!, dr. ? - shiny teeth!


So... Collapse )

In other news, my mother has agreed to watch teh Torchwoodz or Doctor Whoz wid me! Sadly, all I have to pick from is most of season one of DW and season one of TW, because I have no season two DVDs yet. Sadness. I'm currently thinking Countrycide, because... well, I luff the plot, and Ianto's really hot in civvies. But I dunno! ARGH! *digs through DVDs*`
dr. ? - jelly babies


Random Fandom Wank talk has convinced we that Mickey/Tosh would be hawt. And let's add in a side of Ianto/Martha! They can form a sidekicks r us club! And then Jake and PC Andy can join too! And Sarah Jane Smith can be in charge of them all!

*is not contemplating writing parallel world fic where something similar happens*

*definitely not*

*oh lord save me*