July 5th, 2007

CM - intarwebz iz 4 pr0n

Bad ideas from Lee

Things you shouldn't do, no matter how painful cramps are:

- take four extra-strength Tylenol at 5.30AM.
- and then take four Motrin IB at 11AM.
- as well as double your usual dose of Ritalin.

Yes, I am now in a state of wooziness, and I'd much like to take a nap, but have a feeling that might be a bad, bad idea. So instead, I shall sit here in the entrance of the science building, and... play Neopets. Or maybe work on that music video - it's halfway done! Or I could learn Welsh! Or... Actually, that's about it. Maybe open one of the e-books I have on here? Possibility. Unlikely, though, because PDFs are rather annoying to read, because there's that pause inbetween pages that you have to scroll past.

Again, people, woozy here! Pity me! Or, um, not.
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