July 11th, 2007

HP - huff by choice

OotP babble!

Went and saw OotP today (and, er, skipped class to do so)!
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Anyway, afterwards we went over to Piper's for about an hour and watched part of Chamber of Secrets. Mostly, it was me and Julia bellowing, "And you're the stupid jerk/who wrecked a flying car!", and deciding that Rupert Grint = awesome, much as David Tennant = awesome, because of facial expressions. We also agreed that Maxxie from Skins totally has good taste in actors to lust over.

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OZ - told ya so

A Breakfast Club meme

The Breakfast Club covers the five stereotypes that are supposedly found everywhere. List your fandoms and then assign these roles.

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You know, I've got an exam tomorrow morning. I should probably study. And/or sleep. And/or get some food.
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