July 13th, 2007

HMT - *hide*

FRIDAY DA 13TH!!111!!!!!

Happy Friday the 13th! Anyone else think that either the HP movie or book shoulda been released today, just for the lulz?

Also, everybody's going all "DON'T SPOIL ME!" Am I the only one going, "...donde esta spoilers? Me gusta las spoilers!"*

(* Er, in English, tho.)

Maybe IMDb would hold spoilers for teh book? Oh, why must I be so spoiler addicted! *flails*

No, Lee, you shall go and read random fanfics (I've read nearly all the HP fics on the MPREG archive! *flails s'more*), and stay away from spoilers! So it has been written, so it shall be done.

...I blame the date for my lack of coherence. It's totally the fact that it's Friday the 13th, not because I'm me. So there. I'm now sticking my tongue out at y'all. SO THERE.
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Someone save me. I've got, like, fifty tabs open of various fanfiction writing challenge communities. Plz to be suggesting ones you like! (Preferably under 100, so that when I write stuff I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something.)

And while you're at it, tell what you think I should claim. Because I'm burning out on attempting to write my epics, much as I love them. Too much HP! Must write some TV-related fics! ARGH!