July 18th, 2007

hp - P. Weasley

boredom and names. yey.

zomg i am rly rly bored ppl plz entertain meh!

Heh. I'm watching the 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s, and then World Series of Pop Culture. And then... Mebbe I'll watch some of the billionty things I've downloaded to my laptop. HOO NOES!

...a while ago, I was tempted to go and get me some HP Legos, but then I found out that there aren't any, like, anywhere. Psh. L0z3rz.

I'm also going to need to feed myself at some point. Huh. Probably just have some more Spaghetti-O's - that shit is goooooooood.

In other news, check out my current fave baby names - my choices are getting weirder, yay!
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