July 21st, 2007

hp - Luna 2

HP Release Party, and an extreeeeeeeemely long (and awesome) dream!

Okay, so. What Happened At HP Release, plus the awesometastic (non-HP) dream I had last night that I should make into a book.


I woke up at around 2PM, got dressed, and watched some King of the Hill while eating Cheerios and Toaster Strudel. Then I drove off to Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch edition), where I sat around for a half hour until Julia showed up. We got pictures taken of us by some guy, and then decided to walk over to Qdoba to get some eats and tell her about the leaked book. Twas awesome.

Anyway, then we went back and leeched off of some free intarwebz at TC and used the power cord they had for the lights in the windows (yes, we both brought our laptops). Around 7 or 8, we decided to join the line that was forming - turned out to be a good time to join, too, because the people right behind us were totally awesome. We played some wizard rock until my laptop died (my laptop battery = CRAP), and then sat around and chatted for a while... and then played Bad Romance Popcorn Reading.

Basically, they each went over to the romance section and got a horrible, terrible romance novel. Then, one would start reading (this hilarious - and rather cute - boy, who read it in a dramatic British accent) a porn scene, until someone said, "Popcorn!", at which point the next person would start reading. We did this for at least an hour, and I got some hilarious video on my phone of it. (There was one book where the scene was between 'Darkwolf' and 'Junga' - we cracked up so hard at that one.)

Julia took her meds, and I was hyper, so I took some of hers too (her mom had included a pill that Julia hasn't taken in over a year; I decided to have it! It was a mood stabilizer, so it didn't actually do anything). Found some trivia books, read 'em aloud. Then the people behind us brought out Risk - ya, rly. So we watched them play that, and found out that one of the guys there was a major fan of Zacharias Smith, because his own name was Zachariah Smith. Hee.

Plus, me and Julia both had wands, which we got entirely so we could pretend!duel, and then go, "But I know something you do not... I am not left-handed!" It was awesome. And then the book was released, and we got our books, made our way through the HUGE MASSIVE CROWDS that wrapped around the building (ya rly), and then got some McDonalds cuz we were starving to death. Then we went back to Julia's house, ate our Mickie D's, and watched Family Guy. And then we went to bed. Hooray!

Ppl, remind me to never eat Mickie D's again, no matter how hungry I am: it makes me horribly sick. For a long time afterwards. Sigh.

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HP - hufferin


...dude, there's a storm. With really loud cracks of lightning. ZOMG, THE POTTERDAMMERUNG IS UPON US! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!

(In other news, I may or may not be writing epilogue!fic. MAY OR MAY NOT!)

Otakulee: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/lord%20voldemort/-/cfpt2_/copt_/cfpt_/source_searchBox/x_0/y_0
Boogiefoo Mind: JESUS, WTF
Boogiefoo Mind: SOME1 TELL TEH MINISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Otakulee: ZOMG!!!!!!!!!1111111
Boogiefoo Mind: Harry Potter = the Jews!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Otakulee: TRU FAX!!!!!!!!
Otakulee: *DOES SO*
Boogiefoo Mind: I have to go eat dinner but when I come back WE'LL REVEAL THE PLOT OF THE NEFARIOUS ISRAEL :0
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