August 18th, 2007

RL - this is ME!

The burn means it's working!

New icon, in which I appear to be the Aryan posterchild. Er. That wasn't on purpose! I just like the burning of bleach! Um. *clears throat* Awkward...

Hung out at Humanex today, twas great fun. Then my mom and I went to Borders (I got Doctor Who Magazine with John Simm on the cover and the first two seasons of Red Dwarf; for some reason all the authors I follow don't have their books coming out until September or October) and Target (where we got hair stuff, dental hygiene stuff, and toys for me - OMG I NEED TO GO GET MY TAMAGOTCHI!!!!!). Then we got Chik-Fil-A, which was delish, then I came home and IMed Julia while watching Psych (awesome) and High School Musical 2 (worth watching because Ryan/Lucas Grabeel is awesome, and Ryan/Chad is so fucking canon guyz).

Aaaand now I'm tired. Hm. I think I'll go read Buffy crossovers for a while, and then crash.
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