August 19th, 2007

21JS - Duh!

Commence the screaming!


Ahem. Plz 2 b ignorin mai crazee? THNX!

I've got Spanish from noon until 2.15pm tomorrow, and then fencing from 2.30pm to 3.45pm. I plan on wearing my stylish white hat and the shirt I wore to graduation, but am bringing a t-shirt and hair gel along for fencing, just in case we start off with physical-ness. Er, that's totally a word. SHUT YOUR FACE.

Yeah, I'm totally spazzing out. You doubted that? Psh. You don't know me very well. (...who the hell am I talking to?)

I must be sure to get to bed earlier. Which might be hard, since I've been staying up for forever, and it's Sunday Adult Swim (aka, the good one with the things I actually watch). RAR. RAAAAAAAR. I'll just go to bed after Robot Chicken since the Oblongs aren't on until way late.

For now, I shall distract myself with shiny RPGs and crime shows. AAAAAAAAAAAAH.