August 25th, 2007

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In which Julia and I decide to become a wizard rock band. (All of this took place over a month ago)

But neither of us can play instruments. Or read/write music. Or rhyme, intentionally. But hey, we managed to write one song! It started off as a parody of a New Kids on the Block song, but then we got bored and just wrote the rest ignoring the original song.

Oh, yes, we decided upon New Kid in the House for our name. Songs from Colin Creevey's POV! So here's our one and only song (we did think up the title, "Harry, I Believe in You", but no lyrics):

Collapse )

Other names we considered: The Sorcerer's Stoned, the Zacharias Smith Experience, the Unforgivables, Barenaked Badgers, Rita Skeeter and the Prophet (ala Huey Lewis and the News), Backalley Badgers, the Swish and Flick, the Nearly Headless 5, and N*Sink - the Moaning Myrtle Band. We also came up with an idea of a parody of "I'm Too Sexy", in which it goes, "I'm too magic for my wand", etc.

...yeah. Mock away, my friends!
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