September 3rd, 2007

X-Men - computer evil

I ramble! RAMBLE RAMBLE! ...waitwat.

Duuudes, I need to remember to bring in my immunization forms. Might as well do it tomorrow, since I'll be hanging around campus after class to hopefully chat with somebody from the school paper - I swear, if it is the last thing I do, I will become a copy-editor! *does dramatic Sailor Moon esque pose*

Er, also, I need to do my question-and-write-up for the second part of Beowulf. I should start that now, in the hopes that I'll actually finish it before class tomorrow. But srsly, what should I bring up? I'm 17, I can't think about all of the transliterary concerns and Biblical allusions! I mean, what'm I gonna do? Babble about Norse mythology some more? *cries*

Wait! I found an article! Anthropological approaches to Beowulf! I shall use this for... INSPIRATION!

(Okay, I've now finished it. And it's totally lame and rambling and I have no idea if it's even pretending to be coherent, but fuck it. It works.)

Sadly, the supposed Murder She Wrote marathon is already over. Psh. TV. O WAIT. It starts back up at four, nice. I'll just watch quiz shows in the meantime.
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