September 15th, 2007

RL - Welsh rugby

Wales vs. Australia

Only in rugby can you feel this good after your team loses. I had so much fun, it's pretty much inexplicable.

We were row five, which was awesome. Even better were the people we were sitting near. In front of us there was an Irish couple, one with a Welsh jersey and one with a Wallabies jersey (Wallabies = Australia, fyi). The guy, in the Wallabies jersey, kept cheering for Wales, causing some Aussies in our row to yell at him. They had no problem with him rooting for Wales, but only if he took off the jersey. *grin* Then, behind us, there was a Welshman who looked Maori, and a Kiwi with one blue eye and one brown, and they were hilarious; after the game, the Welshman pulled out his iPod, they both took an earbud, and then belted out the Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" as the Wallabies circled the field. And then they all sang happy birthday to me, too.

Plus, Drew Mitchell, whose mother my mother is chatting with right now, got yellow-carded. Another Wallaby did too, and they had fouls and penalties all over the place. It was crazy. But Shane Williams and James Hook played brilliantly, so I'm happy! Because after all: nobody ever beats Wales at rugby; they just score more points!
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21JS - Duh!

Mm, Twix.

1. Make a list of your ten favorite characters
1. Matt Seely
2. Tony DiNozzo
3. Michael Westen
4. Shawn Spencer
5. David Hodges
6. Don Flack
7. Colby Granger
8. Owen Harper
9. Mickey Smith
10. Zach Addy

2. Divide the list up by even and odd.
Evens: Tony, Shawn, Flack, Owen, Zach
Odds: Matt, Michael, Hodges, Colby, Mickey

3. Which group of five would make a better Five Man Band (like a Power Rangers team)?
I actually think they're pretty evenly matched, but if it came down to intellect I'd say the Evens.

4. Who would you slot in each position: Leader, Second In Command, Big Guy, Smart Guy, The Chick?
Leader - Flack, Michael
2IC - Tony, Mickey
Big Guy - Owen, Colby
Smart Guy - Zach, Hodges
Chick - Shawn, Matt (*grin*)

5. If you think the team would be improved by swapping one character between the even and odd groups, which ones would you switch?
I'd actually say, swap Owen for Mickey and make Matt 2IC for that team. Those would be good teams, man.