September 20th, 2007

TW - shiny teeth!, dr. ? - shiny teeth!

Wales, dawg. And pictures! And Relic Hunter! Um, what?

*flails just a tad* Must get hands on the Doctor Who serial Curse of Fenric! MUST! It has Christien Anholt in it! He's cool!

...what can I say, Sky Three sure loves its Relic Hunter reruns, and I've become a tad obsessed. Oh, what I wouldn't give for another male regular to ship Nigel with... (Of course, there's always crossovers. Nigel/McGee, for instance, would be sheer brilliance. Or, if you wanna get really hilarious, Nigel/Nigel!)

In other news, I always get Bucharest and Budapest confused. Um. Dunno why I thought of informing you of that.

So I'm in Cardiff, down by the Bay (where the watermelon grows). My mom went out to do some souvenier shopping, and this evening we're going to the Wales vs. Japan match, so that I can see at least one of the teams I'm rooting for win at least once. Although the Wales/Australia and Canada/Fiji were a lot closer than the scores suggest.

And now, I give you: pictures!

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RL - Welsh rugby

Whee! More Welsh rugby fun!

So, the Wales/Japan game was all sorts of awesome. Although, it did leave me wondering if there's such a thing as rugby RPF. Or, rather, Welsh rugby RPS, if you'd like to be specific. (Should you like to be more specific, James Hook/Shane Williams. Like that wouldn't be hot.)

Anyway, things were all good - awesome, even! In the queue to head back to the bay, we were standing next to some cute, nice Welsh boys, and then when we got back, we wound up talking with/walking back to the hotel with this Welsh rugby/Doctor Who fan and his son. It had been raining, tho, so when we got back to the room I decided to shower. Which was nice. Except when I got out, I slid and almost fell all the way... instead I just managed to bang my bad knee. The other side of it, this time. So... fencing will be a fun class on Monday, amirite? I'm going to attempt to bend my knee, and fall over screaming. Brill! But y'know what? I so don't care. I had fun, and Jamie and Shane-o played great, and Mike Phillips was simply awesome (he kicked the ball, got past the tackler, and then caught the ball before handing it off to Shane-o, who scored; Mike also got player of the match).