October 8th, 2007

RM - still life

...I'm too tired to come up with a subject line.

So, I got an early wake-up call today: one of our pipes burst, and I had to help my mom out so that she could go down into the crawlspace and turn off all the water. And now I'm afraid to eat anything, because I am a messy-ass eater, and I have no water to clean up after myself. Hopefully it'll be fixed when I get back from class, but I doubt it.

In other, barely related news, I feel ready to pass out. I should probably leave soon, as it will wake me up. But where shall I go to have a hearty breakfast meal? Fuck it; I'll hit 7-11. Just as soon as I can convince myself to get up.

...this might take a while.
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We can has water nao!

Plumber just left, tho we're still waiting for people to come and drain the water so we don't get mildew.

In other news, I gots books. Drama: Everyone's a Critic (a gay high schooler + snark), Hood (Robin Hood legend + ancient Wales), the Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader book (trivia!), Forbidden Knowledge (how to do things that aren't entirely legal - such as cheating vending machines!), and Spud (South Africa + boarding school + crazy kid).

Good haul, dudes. Awesome haul, even. Plus Chuck tonight!
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