October 10th, 2007

06 - Gallow's Humor

NaNo PlanNo!

Working Title: A Guide to Life for the Lethargic and Counterrevolutionary

Plot: One hundred years in the future, Cyrus "Cy" Pryce (her parents expected a boy) tries to join the military and police forces of North America (at some point, the USA got bored of the illegal immigrants and just took control over Mexico; Canada followed soon after). She's turned down because she's terribly out of shape, and also not very stable mentally. So she joins the underground militia instead. She trains for a while, and then waits to be called into action. Which happens when a militaristic cult starts posing a threat to the City (formerly Denver, now a buzzing metropolis that's center of operations because it's nearly directly in the middle of the country).

What's not known to the general public, or to Cy, is that the militia and the government are actually working to the same ends: unified world government, with America in charge (of course). And the cult? Not actually militaristic. And not very cultish. Actually, they're the good guys. Cy eventually realizes that she's on the wrong side of her personal ethics, and faces the decision to defect or to spy. Or to just say "Screw it," and go back to normal life.

Characters: Cy, as mentioned above. Eric and Paul, who are basically the same person in two genetically unrelated bodies, and who are Cy's roommates. That's all, so far.
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