October 26th, 2007

BtVS - Latin

Buffy rambling.

So I sorta-kinda got sucked back into Buffydom. I blame Xander. Um, mostly Xander slash. With Spike or Andrew. Which then made me remember how awesome-tastic Andrew is. And I think I may like him more than Jonathan. Which is vaguely disturbing, because I has always <3d Jonathan. Especially this quote. Jonathan reminds me a bit of myself, before my last year at Humanex. But since I've moved on from being that person, I find myself not as connected to that kind of person. Which means I just love teh geekery of Andrew. He's just so deliciously crazy-awesome.

So, yes. Also, troika_daily is making me spaz a bit. I mean, Tom Lenk looks like a real adult! And Danny Strong was on Nip/Tuck?!

...also, I needz to make an Andrew icon. Because I have one of Jono, and even one of Warren, but not Andrew? (Well, okay, all of my BtVS icons were made for icontests. I mean, this icon is pretty awesome, rite?)
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