October 28th, 2007

21JS - *dorky wave*

Haunted houses ftw! Bad fics written long ago by yourself, ftl.

Oh, gawd. I found it. My old fics, that I obliterated from FFN a long time ago (and never actually posted on here). I found them. Somebody, plz to be hiding me? (Oh, gawd, they're songfics and I have Spike praying in German and wtf...) The only good part of this story is this one line: Buffy slammed the phone down and turned to the Scoobies, the Potentials, and... Andrew.

Yes, that's really the best of the entire story. *hides face*

In other news, I used Monster to apply for about four jobs, and I've also been hit up a bunch of times via YIM tonight. Including a person whose opening line was about what brand of cigs I smoke. Maybe I ought to change my picture, because I think I'm giving off the 'average-sized goth girl' look, rather than the 'overweight geek' look that is accurate.

btw, Elitch's Fright Fest? Awesome. Especially Brutal Planet. Me and Julia went through Brutal Planet with two, like, thirteen year old boys (that we hadn't ever met before), and I'm pretty sure Julia and me screamed much louder and more often. I mean, I'm pretty sure me and Julia didn't completely calm down until we were back in the car and watching Hoodwinked (which, btw, Julia decided she was the stork!cop and I was the bear!cop). I mean, I didn't get nightmares - but then, I don't. But I was freaked out the rest of the time in the park (we went into a store a while after the haunted house, and I kept edging away from the tables because I expected something to be under there and try and grab my legs).
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