October 31st, 2007

07 - A Guide to Life for the Disenfranch

A Guide to Life: summary blurb

As a twelve year old high schooler raised by his father and his father's boyfriend, Zack Galloway never really had a chance to fit in. When (thanks to making slacking an art form) he's kicked into an alternative schooling program, he's shocked to learn that there exists a place where he sets the standard for normalcy. Hijinks, of a sort, ensue, as Zack settles into the program (referred to by most as the Basement of Slackers, Psychos, and Stoners). There's also his unorthodox family to deal with: dad Ryan, a private eye; Ryan's longtime boyfriend Max, a public defender; Kit Maddox, Zack's adopted older brother, plus his wife and children (and his best friend and his wife's brother); and Augustus and Olympias Turati, Zack's other adopted siblings (adopted after an incident where their mother kidnapped and tortured Ryan). And then, of course, his mother shows up, wanting to take him back after dropping him at age three. Add in a first girlfriend, first boyfriend, the Basement not being all that it seems, and Zack Galloway is in for one hell of a freshman year.