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November 19th, 2007

HP - for teh lulz?

X-Mas Asking Planning!

So for Christmas, me mum says that I'm getting one rly big present from the 'rents (other relatives will probably follow the usual tradition of giving me gift cards for bookstores). This, of course, led me to check out ThinkGeek.com, and now I have a billion tabs open of cool things I wanna get.

Actually, after going through them, there's only a handful that I would ask for as the big present. As follows:

Professional Latent Fingerprint Kit
USB Microscope
Digital Scribe Pen and USB Receiver OR USB Digital Notepad.

(I also want the Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain and either Gadget Hip Holster or Gadget Shoulder Holster. But those are lesser presents.)

I think I'll just give the list to my mom, and let her decide which to get me. That way there's a surprise involved!
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X-Men - Awright!


So I just got a call offering to interview me for the position of assistant at an after school program. AT CHALLENGE. Aka the school that I was too much of a slacker to go to, and the one Julia went to in between the goat stage and the crazy stage.

So I'm hoping I get this, because hey - smart kids! But on the other hand - pretentious kids. But on the other other hand, pretentious kids who can back it up. And on any hand - MONEY. So yes, pray to your respective gods and/or scientific explanations of creation that I get this job. Because... MONEY!
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