December 5th, 2007

AtU - max'n'jude

Hooray for second-to-last-day-of-classes! And geekery.

I has just finished my last Spanish class of the semester. *flails wildly, prays to ace the final next week* Plus, I got let out of work an hour and a half early, so I went down to 16th Street and was gonna get me some Chipotle, but it doesn't open until 11, so I hit Arby's instead.

And now... I am doing nothing. Except killing time until fencing. Where I either have one or two bouts - which really means one or none, because I haven't been up against Sergei yet, and he's forfitting everything because he totally screwed up his back the first day of the tournament. So I could very well get out early there too! (Bet I won't get out early tomorrow, tho. And even if I do, it won't matter much, because I've got work after class tomorrow.)

So, off to read Sentinel/Stargate crossovers! ...I make myself sad, sometimes.