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December 10th, 2007

#s - smug

In Which I Create A New (And Awesome) Meme

Go to the category page on Overheard Everywhere. Find your area (state, country, university, etc) under 'Places', and post a few (1-5) quotes that you think exemplify the area.

Student #1, pointing to notebook: If I ever become a famous rapper this is going to be my first album cover.
Student #2: Why? What is it?
Student #1: It's just a penguin on fire.
Student #2: A flaming penguin -- nice!
Student #1, matter-of-factly: I fucking hate penguins...

Crazy lady: Oh, no! Those teenagers did not just steal my outhouse!

Girl yelling out window to friend: Bitch! I am the motherfuckin' bishop Don Juan of proving points!

Son: I just don't understand it.
Father: That's because you have no imagination.

TSA guy #1: Why aren't you patting everyone down?
TSA guy #2: That's what the machines are for.
TSA guy #1: Do you see the machines working?! Do you see anyone walking through the machines?!
TSA guy #2: Oh. Oops. Oh, well, it happens.