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December 13th, 2007

Skins - best friend


My final final is finally finished!

And, in other interesting news, I'm on level 54 of phone-Tetris and another of Julio's quotes was put up on Overheard Everywhere (it's pretty awesome).

So, yeah. The final wasn't as horrible as I thought it might be, which was nice. I also got outta work early - also nice! I was in a toddler room in the morning, hung out with mah buddy Tobin; in the afternoon I was in an upper preschool room, but the kid who followed me around last time I was in that room wasn't in. But that was okay, because Noah decided to follow me around and tell me about everything under the sun!
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HP - for teh lulz?

20 HP House Icons

Using the bases from wicked_visions, and quotes from a variety of places (Chuck, QI, Dave the Barbarian, Fairly Oddparents, and MST3K. And yes, I realize I messed up on the last one. Shut up.

Mostly Hufflepuff and Slytherin centered, as I am biased.Collapse )
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