December 28th, 2007

RL - this is ME!

I be incommunicado for about a week, most likely.

I leave in about four hours for the airport, where I will be doing my very first solo flight, Colorado to Maryland. I get to see my aunt and uncle and younger cousins for the first time in nearly a year (look, I was pretty much raised with all but the twins; it still seems weird not to see them every month, okay?). I mean, I saw Kiki and Aunt Karen when they were out here just a month ago, but I haven't seen the others since we were out there for my aunt's knee surgery! I mean, dang, I was still in high school then, now I've got two semesters of college behind me and job with small, impressionable children!

I've also found that, by myself, I don't pack nearly as much shit as I do if my mom's going, because I've only filled half of the suitcase I'm taking, and it's only medium sized. And my carry-on's pretty light, too, tho it doesn't yet have my laptop packed in (obv).