January 30th, 2008

RL - Welsh rugby

Coincidence? OR MURDER?

Oh, totally forgot to mention this, but - there's a girl in my geography class who looked familiar, and I figured she'd been in one of my classes before. But yesterday, she turns to me, and goes, "Did you go to Highlands Ranch?" And immediately go, "Rugby!"

Yeah, turns out I looked familiar to her too, and she's been out of state for the last three years. But we were on the rugby team together for a year, and remembered each other from it.

*starts to sing "It's a Small World", promptly gets shot by many*

HOMEWORK: Part 2, Preface and Last Note; Part 3, Preface and last page.
SS - bigger sets

I kinda love the world, you guys.

Dudes! Missing HXer! http://origin.denverpost.com/technology/ci_8119289 It made me giggle (I'm a horrible person) because when I first saw a news commercial with her pic, I thought to myself, "She looks like she goes to Humanex." AND SURE ENOUGH! Julio says that she's a ho-bag, but that could be because Missing Girl hits on Josh, who Julia says is "her man".

In other news, Julio and I hope for a Huckabee/McCain GOP ticket, because it's batshit crazy meets hilarity! AIDStown and SNL, as Julio states.

BREAKING NEWS: Aw, man, they found her! Er, that is to say, whew, she's okay.