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February 1st, 2008

MST3K - fish

Three music memes, lifted from undersea

1. Put your playlist on shuffle.
2. Post the first lines to the first 20 songs to come up (along with these instructions).
3. Have people guess the songs and artists in comments to the post.
4. Post the name of the song when people guess correctly.

Songs behind here!Collapse )

1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the 'next' button.
6. Don't lie.

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1. Open your music player and put it on shuffle.
2. Respond to the question with the first line of the song (make sure to add who the song is by and the title).

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BtVS - Latin

More memes, because I has no lief.

Choose ten characters (works best with those from the same fandom), and THEN look at the questions! It's fun!

Characters, from Buffyverse and HPCollapse )
The Questions!Collapse )