February 5th, 2008

HP - for teh lulz?

Next-Gen Kiddies!

HAH. I am so cool. I slept in late last Thursday and missed my Spanish class, right? Turns out that the teacher didn't even show up for that class! Oh, me, why are you so cool that the only class you've missed so far, the teacher missed too?

In other news, the weird HP next gen story I've been working on? Where Al and Scorpius, amongst others, winds up in OotP time? I'm tempted to make it a series, where the group of ten kids investigate wizarding fairy tales to find the truth about them. Because, um, I like my crack half-baked. And - aw, hell, might as well do the character run-down for y'all. Since it makes me feel cool.

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And there you have it!
Red Eye - bill'n'kev

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...Bill and Kevin were totally fighting over Andy.

And, er, I swear I'm done with the spamming now. Maybe. We'll see!

RL - Welsh rugby

Welsh rugby fans in Denver? It's more likely than you think!

Dude! There's a guy in the honors program who goes to Wales every year (he has a friend who lives there), and is a fan of Doctor Who AND of Welsh rugby! He knew who the fuck I was talking about when I said that Wales started off the Six Nations with 13 Ospreys in first-string, but Alun-Wyn Jones is being taken out for the Scotland match because he got injured versus England. I mean, this guy understood! HE KNEW. I have met somebody in Denver who knows of Welsh rugby! *dies of happy*

In other news, I found a program that looks good for going to Wales for a semester/year abroad. Obviously I'll have to wait until my financial aid kicks in again, but when do you think I should try to go? I was thinking fall '09, but I'm not sure... Any ideas? (Keep in mind I is but a freshie-man right now.)