February 11th, 2008

HP - cunning plan.

[insert witty-sounding subject line here, plz]

Ugh. I feel all sticky and stale. The staleness comes from lack of sleep, and the stickyness probably comes from the fact that breakfast was pancakes with syrup, and I was in a toddler room - and one fo the ones where all the kids love me and like to come up and cuddle. Which, y'know, I love, but wish they would clean up first.

But my God, I wish to take a nap. Three hours, though, I can make that!

I wonder what we're going to go over in history today. According to the syllabus, we're supposed to talk about 'contesting colonization', but we haven't actually covered colonization itself yet. We kinda stopped at Columbus and then had group talks about whether Columbus was cool or not.

How the US Looks to the Rest of the World.