February 21st, 2008

Jumper - OTP

HX: the College Years!

I'm so cool, I totally forgot my geography class was canceled today. *high-fives self* So I get to hang out in the lounge for a bit before I go to work for three hours (which will mostly likely be two and a half hours, because I don't think I've stayed later than 5.40 in 108 even once).

Tho, I just sat here with this window open for an hour, so I don't really have any time left. LE SIGH (it's French).

I'm halfway thru Jumper: Griffin's Story, and I plan on getting the videogame when I get off work today.

(AND OMG DUDE, HONORS LOUNGE DRAMA, GUYZ! srsly, there's yelling and crying and zomg. I love it! Honors = HX! Whoo! I feel home agen.)