February 24th, 2008

Jumper - OTP

A Fuller Weekend, I Have Never Had

Man, I lived it up this weekend!

Friday, I went into work for three hours (they didn't need me until then), and then met Julia down at the Tivoli at 6. We had over two hours to kill, so we bummed around 16th Street for a while, where Julia was hugged and kissed by a black man (she refers to this as the highlight of her life), we got jabbered at by an extremely drunk and high girl in front of Walgreens, and we were followed by an Asian in a beret and military jacket. Oh, and then this one chick ran out of a bar in order to get a photo with Julia.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Julia is 6'2", wearing a strapless plaid dress, and a bright blue beehive wig? Yeeeeeah.

Then we went to Mile Hi Sci Fi's presentation of Logan's Run, and I gotta say: a lot of the humor comes from the personalized references. (There's a bit in the movie where Logan's all, "Well, okay, let's have sex," and we all laughed, and then the guys went, "Oh, you laugh, but that line works on girls from Aurora.")

After it was over, we didn't feel like heading back quite yet, so we hopped light rail back to 16th Street, where we went to the theater in Pavilions, and saw Jumper. Julia says that as soon as she saw Griffin, she decided that David/Griffin was the supreme OTP. And thankfully I wasn't the only one wondering what Jumper!sex would be like.

We went back to the house, and passed out pretty quick. When we woke up on Saturday (well, later Saturday), we watched the first two episodes of Skins series 2 and then played Smarty Pants on the Wii (I won all three games we played, obv). Then, because it was so late when we woke up, it was time to go to the ska party.

We made rather a sight on the light rail - Julia as I described earlier, and myself in my striped green hoodie, five different silver necklaces of varying lengths and designs (Celtic knot, Norse rune, cross, Buddha, and TARDIS key) and a pair of goggles around my neck. And then we walked a number of blocks from the closest light rail station to the club, and it was pretty well deserted. According to the chalk writing on campus, it was supposed to start at six - it wound up starting around eight. (Before it started, me and Julia went down to 16th and got some Taco Bell. And I drank a bunch of hot sauce packets while Julia smoked - we felt bad-ass.)

The bands were actually pretty good for local bands, but me and Julia left early because we didn't know the bands already, and neither of us knows how to skank, which is what happens at ska shows. It devolved into a mosh or circle pit a few times, which is where I got my knee all nicely bruised up, but not near often enough to keep our attention.

Though, there was a rather amusing bit right before it got started. They were having sound problems, and we glanced up to where the sound board was, and we saw a group who we named Morgan Freeman, College Professor (also known as Paco Castro, ten years older), and Hot Guy. And there was also Brother of Hot Guy, and White Shirt, but we're unsure as to whether White Shirt was one of the techies, with one of the bands, or just a regular of the club. It was highly confusing, and he didn't appear to really talk to anybody. He could skank good, tho!

Anyway, we split right before ten, and went back to Pavilions, where we saw Charlie Bartlett, which is a damn good movie - not the least because there isn't really a bad guy. And, of course, the characters were perfect visions of Humanexers.

After the movie, we came back home, proceeded to eat pizza rolls and watch some TV until we passed out. When we woke this morning (well, I woke a few hours before Julia, because Jack was at the back door yowling at another cat - a new one, orange and not full grown), we lazed about and then watched Torchwood on BBC America. To the Last Man, Meat, and then Adam (tho Julia left after Meat). So now I'm only two episodes behind!

Oh, and in awesome news, WALES IS UNDEFEATED IN THE SIX NATIONS!!!!!
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