February 25th, 2008

NCIS - camera

I need a Tony/McGee icon...

hai guyz, wanna tell me why I had no idea that there's a Tony/McGee community? kissmeprobie!

In other news, this morning one of the kids fell and cut his lip, only we didn't realize it until I'd already been holding him for a few minutes against my shirt. So, yeah, I'm walking about with a nice bloodstain on my shirt. (He's perfectly fine now - calmed down and was ready to play within ten minutes.)

And now my class is over, so I'm going to try and set up in history.
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TW - owen plot

NCIS/TW ftw!

...I just drew a mental parallel between Tony & Gibbs and Owen & Jack, and it's freakin' me out liek woah.

(...McGee is Tosh, y/n? Kate is Gwen, obv, which I guess sortof makes Ziva Suzie, which amuses me. And that leaves Ianto as a disturbing fusion of Ducky and Abby... Why am I thinking about this?)

...and I just got an idea for a Torchwood/Jumper crossover. Man, dudes, I'm freaking out ovah here!

(Also, we were just asked to name revolutions, and the guy sitting near me started listing, "French, American, Chinese," and I break in with, "Industrial!" Which amused the professor.)