March 11th, 2008

CM - intarwebz iz 4 pr0n

I'm feeling random today!

ATTN! I has now joined the elite ranks of those who hide under the stairs in the library. Seriously, guys, it's like a den in here. The whole thing is surrounded by these bench-like boxes, except the part where the stairs hit the floor, and one end which is boxed off by bookshelves. There's no lights under here, so all the light comes from outside, and people quite enjoy napping on the bench-boxes.

Actually, here's a view from where I'm sitting. To the left is a girl lying down with her back to the boxes, reading a book; a girl using the boxes to spread multiple books and papers around; and a guy sleeping on top of the boxes. To the right is a group (with many different accents and languages) studying for a biology or anatomy midterm (I'm not sure which, but they've got a number of skeletons that they're pointing at).

And you guys have no idea how nice it is to have a laptop that doesn't need to be always plugged in. I has battery power nao! I also head to work in about an hour, but I'm in 108 again, so I'm looking forward to it. 108 are my babies! It's Tuesday, so Elliot should be there too. Which means he and Brynn will fight for my attention, which always makes me feel good. *grin*

...why is it that I always write so much more in my entries if I write them at school? So weird, man. (Hey, remember that TV show? So Weird? I remember the early season of it, but I stopped watching when the new girl came in.)
#s - *headdesk on Colby*

Goodbye, cruel (internets) world (temporarily)!

I'm probably gonna be incommunicado from tomorrow onwards; we're getting our midterm assignment in Legacy, and it's due Monday, which means I'm going to have to cram the basics of War & Peace in and then write a paper on it in less than five days, plus my other classes and work.

And then I've got to make a duct-tape bag for the honors auction. So, I'll see everybody in a week. *doom and gloom mentality*