March 13th, 2008

RL - this is ME!

Warped yay!

So, um, Warped is gonna rock the house this year, guys. Against Me!, All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Reel Big Fish, AND Relient K?! Y'all don't even know how psyched I am about this! Even if it means another billionty hours standing in a three mile long line trying to get into Invesco's parking lot. And hopefully it won't rain this time, and Julia won't get trampled (although this is a very amusing story to tell now).

Also, I just picked up and started rereading Ender's Shadow this morning. Aaand I'm already halfway through it again. *snort* I'm awesome, obv.
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CJ - Golden Boy

To quote Owen, "Books books books!"

I gotta see this. And not just because Lu from Crossing Jordan is the star, or because David Monahan (and Larry Sullivan, his lovah) is in it, but also because it sounds pretty amusing on its own merit.

And now, I'm gonna say bye to the computer, and go read some more. I like books!

( some point, I will start working on my legacy midterm, I promise. Probably around 11pm Sunday night, but I do my best work the night before it's due!)

(Also note that the Owen mentioned in the subject line isn't the one from Torchwood, it's the one from the Protector of the Small series. kthxbai.)
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