March 22nd, 2008

NY - morgue humor


So I just watched Live Free or Die Hard with the 'rents, and now we're watching America's Most Wanted. Yeeeah, that's my family. It's the Saturday before Easter, and we are watching this stuff (and before we started the movie, I was watching a To Catch a Predator marathon).

...also, Matt/Penelope otp. Oh, come on, they're on the same hacker list! It could happen! I swear I'm not going to try and write this because it's killing my braaaaaaains!
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RL - this is ME!

Weeeeird, dude. Our doorbell just rang.

Why is this worthy of a wow? Well, first of all, it's past eleven at night. Second, there was no one there. And lastly, our doorbell hasn't worked in about, oh, five years.

I also dyed mah hairs, and it looks cool! But I like this picture of my kitty more than I do the pictures of me.

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