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01:16 pm: Blah blah. BLAH.
08:35 pm: New community - OF AWESOME.
11:45 am: Babbling about school, more for my benefit than yours.
01:42 pm: I like lists. Also, John Adams was kinda evil. - 2 comments
05:33 pm: New glasses, and a great pic to show 'em off! - 4 comments
11:24 pm: New top TV meme - I also struck the ones that I dislike.
11:40 pm: Assassin chick was so cool until the last ten minutes... - 3 comments
12:33 am: My mom may work at Oz! Also, RedEye is awesome.
01:39 am: Cough cough I'M COUGHING cough cough. - 1 comment
08:08 pm: Ehnsis! New! After all these years! - 5 comments
03:18 pm: Oh, the Little Troll Prince, how I loved thee!
12:24 am: I am made of awesome, guyz. - 1 comment
11:25 am: I live a life of awesome. And it makes my hands hurt. - 4 comments
01:18 pm: My entry from yesterday, lost when Firefox effed up and lost all my open tabs!
01:20 pm: And now, a post for today. - 1 comment
11:34 am: Starfest! - 1 comment
12:09 am: I should probably go to bed, but there's so much other stuff to be distracted by!
08:04 pm: Black Mustachio is way cool. Almost makes up for lack of Sacks. - 5 comments
09:20 pm: Julia and her family are so awesome. - 1 comment
03:29 pm: Old-skool!Gallowsverse, yay!
08:48 pm: lolwut.
09:22 pm: A few interesting tidbits.
10:45 pm: random.
04:30 pm: DRAMA! is the best book series evar.
11:54 am: I would marry Ritalin, if it weren't a pharmacuetical.
11:04 pm: ...awesome. - 1 comment
01:24 pm: Happy happy! - 2 comments
07:17 pm: Comment meme, as everybody does it!
08:04 pm: An explosion of Ehnsis! - 5 comments
08:26 pm: In re: one of Joe Anderson's new movies.
03:46 pm: Move out or not to move out? THESE ARE THE DAYS OF MY LIFE. ...wait, wut? - 5 comments
08:15 pm: *spaz* - 4 comments