April 2nd, 2008

#s - *headdesk on Colby*

Babbling about school, more for my benefit than yours.

I feel siiiiiiick. Probably from chugging that ramune before I left the house... Or the, like, six Advil I took last night. Who knows! (Does he?)

Godwin's enacted in honors class!

Anyway, I've started planning my schedule for summer/fall (and I found myself planning around my job in the fall, which surprised me, and then caused me to have a dream where I was interviewing for a job at the daycare of the Department of Transportation, which was underground and also a casino, and the interviewer criticized my attention span). Summer, I'll take American History Since 1865 (41386) and Serial Killers & Violent Offenders (40968). Fall, I'm thinking World History to 1500 (53458), Archaeological Field Research (51558), and First Year Arabic (53359), which will be through CCD. I looked up the instructor for it, and he's totes qualified for court interpretation in both Spanish and Arabic (I know because he's part of a translation service).

Actually, all the professors I've selected for fall seem to be pretty damn awesome. There's the Arabic prof I mentioned earlier, then the history prof, his areas of concentration are the Middle East/Islam and Medieval Europe, and his upper degrees are from U of Toronto, which I wanted to go to for a while.

Aaand after looking at what I wish to take this summer - well, mainly the American History course, because it's Monday-Thursday, 12.15-2.45pm - I think I'll have to quit my current job at the end of June (the class starts the first of July). That'll give me six months of job experience, and I can get a job off-campus, where I can work afternoon/evening shifts, and on the weekend, and - oh yeah - make more than minimum wage. I'll have to think about it, though.
HMT - ...huh?

I like lists. Also, John Adams was kinda evil.

Things I've learned in American History: Adams was kindof badass - and hells of a lot worse than Dubya, whatever you think about him.

Also, things I should do, in order of importance:
- Geography Exercise #3
- Geography Exercise #4
- Read Harriet Jacobs to page 51
- Start at least thinking about geography and honors term papers
- Read Nietzsche
- Do some Spanish work

And my schedule for today:
1. Vote on RTD pass
2. Get change of major form
3. Return library books
4. Pick up new glasses
5. Get food
6. Do at least the geography exercises (they're due tomorrow)
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MST3K - fish

New top TV meme - I also struck the ones that I dislike.

Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the "50 Greatest TV Shows" ever. So, of course, LJ-ers leaped upon the opportunity and made it into a meme.

1. Bold the shows you've watched every episode of (or near enough to count)
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of
3. Post your answers

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As an aside, pretty much all of the italicized shows I've seen about 25% of, and unless it was a sitcom or cartoon, I've read fics for it.
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NY - morgue humor

Assassin chick was so cool until the last ten minutes...

Okay, I swear this is my last post for a while. My snarky summary of the new episodes of Criminal Minds and CSI: NY (Criminal Minds is rather patchy, because I didn't start right away):

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Also, I've realized what it is about Torchwood that I love: people say it's like a soap opera, but it's not; it's like a comic.