April 22nd, 2008

MST3K - fish

I should probably go to bed, but there's so much other stuff to be distracted by!

Oh my god, I really want to write more HP fic, but what the hell would I write? I mean, I need to continue my mpreg fic, but I srsly have no idea where to go from where I'm at. Time-skip? That might work. I don't know! *flails wildly*

Oh, and I've got my exam over chapters 6-9 tomorrow (later today) in geography. And probably a test in Spanish, but I won't swear to it, because I am too lazy to dig out my schedule for that class. Rar. At least I'll get to see my chilluns in the afternoon - I was in 108 again this morning, but my Elliot only comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so he wasn't there. (Emily was, though, and every time we went outside she would just walk around with me, holding my hand. Sweet girl.)
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OZ - Ryan wordless

Julia and her family are so awesome.

HAHA, guys, I want to marry Julia's brother.

Okay, she got caught smoking a few days ago, so she's grounded. Now, her brother just caught her smoking again, and instead of going to the 'rents, he is holding on to all her remaining packs, and keeping a log of when she gets a cigarette.

Seriously, guys, I love him.

Julia, meanwhile, is going through all of Seth MacFarlane's MySpace friends to see if Daniel or Amy Palladino is amongst them, to support one of her conspiracy theories.
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