April 26th, 2008

LOCI - books?

DRAMA! is the best book series evar.

The narrator of this piece is Bryan Stark, a closeted and extremely sarcastic Drama Geek (and also not a fan of the Renaissance Faire). He has been thrown into the pillory for using a cell phone while in period dress, even though he isn't in period dress, by Marq, who is extremely flamboyant, the first boy to play Queen Elizabeth at the Faire, and also totally hitting on Bryan (as Bryan says, "Figures the first time I get cruised by someone my age, he's dressed as a girl.").

Drew is Bryan's former best friend, and current somewhat-friend, Sam is Bryan's current BFF (and dating Eric, Drew's current BFF), and Hope is Drew's ex-girlfriend and BFFs with Bryan and Sam.

Drew hopped up on the platform beside me to get a better view. He also leaned an elbow on the back of my neck, which was quite annoying. "Looks like they showed us guys," he said.

"Maybe we should help by shouting encouragements," I suggested.

"A noble suggestion, old chap," he said, getting off my neck and steeping to the side of the platform. "Heave!"

"Ho," I added.

"Heave," he repeated.

"Ho," I said again.

Drew turned to me. "Are you calling my ex-girlfriend a 'ho'?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "I guess you'd prefer to do that."
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There's also a bit earlier, when they enter this tent with a placard saying, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here", and Drew and Bryan immediately go, "Bye Hope," and walk past her. So yeah, I totes ship Bryan/Drew. Which is creepy, considering the Bryans and Drew of my high school...