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April 28th, 2008

hp - sig of awesome

I would marry Ritalin, if it weren't a pharmacuetical.

So, I took three times my normal dosage of Ritalin today, and then I didn't have to work (but didn't find out until I got to campus, so I went to the Tivoli. And then I went from having nothing, not even a topic or the required reading, to having a complete 8-page academic paper for an honors class. In less than three hours.

Yeah. I fuckin' love Ritalin.

So yes, I finished my Nietzsche paper (titled "Nietzsche: Anti-Semitic or Anti-Stupid?"). Now I just have my super-short book analysis to do on Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, and then my super-long geography paper. I plan to write up my paper proposal (yes, that was due over two weeks ago) for geography, and then finish reading the Jacobs book and write the analysis, and then I'll actually write the bulk of my geography paper.

I'm starting to think I may actually pass 75% of my classes! (Spanish, obv, is still up in the air on whether or not I shall squeak by with a D.)

Of course, we are now talking about Einstein, and I'm rather dreading having to right anything about Einstein on the final exam. Because all this science and math? It goes whoosh over my head. Actually, it goes by so fast it leaves a sonic boom, not a mere whoosh.
LOCI - books?


...somebody has written a series of Maximum Ride fics based off of the Kelly music videos. I'm kind of in awe. And possibly love.