April 30th, 2008

MST3K - santa sez!

Move out or not to move out? THESE ARE THE DAYS OF MY LIFE. ...wait, wut?

So I'm going through another phase of 'omg mebbe i wanna move out bcuz i'm totes an adult nao'. Thing is, THERE'S SO MANY OPTIONS! *flails*

So, I decided to do a poll. Because I am horribly incapable of making decisions myself, so this is the best way to go. A note on the options: assume that all options include cable TV and broadband internet, and all but student housing allow pets.

Poll #1180475 zomg move out?!

Where should I live?

Stay at home.
Live in student housing - share room
Live in student housing - suite
Live in student housing - solo
Rent a room at a house
Share rent in apartment/townhouse (i.e. roommate)
Get a single apartment