May 26th, 2008

Red Eye - bill'n'kev

Long time no update, mien comrades!

I've completely updated c_crecs! All the recs I've had so far are up!

Also, I've updated my title/subtitle/layout! All thanks to RedEye w/Greg Gutfeld - an awesome TV show. The subtitle, Operation Rainbow Roadrunner 2.0, is referring to my and Julia's plan to break into the RedEye studio and hold them hostage until they let us be panelists. (Operation Rainbow Roadrunner 1.0 was to hire a guy to hold Humanex hostage until Dom and Cody kissed, but since Corbin and Alex kissed, we don't need that anymore.)

In other news, tomorrow BBC America has a marathon of Monty Python. FUCK YEAH SEAKING.