June 17th, 2008

TW - shiny teeth!, dr. ? - shiny teeth!

Vet Day (animal, not military)

Took Jack (my cat) in to the vet today - only six months overdue! He got all his shots, and the vet was this cute guy who didn't seem very much older than me who loved Firefly, but mentioned he hasn't been to a convention in ten years, so he's gotta be older.

The vet thought Jack was three years old, which is a good thing (Jack's almost six), and I found out that despite the massive amounts of food it appears Jack takes in, he's only actually gained three pounds. Other than some serious plaque on his teeth, he's perfectly healthy!

So I just got an hour and half to kill before leaving for class. Well, actually, I gotta stop at a store first to get a protection sheet for the lower part of my DS, so I can play me some Harvest Farm.

...I'm tired.