June 23rd, 2008

#s - smug

PS: Watch iLove the New Millenium, y'all.

Whoo! Finished with my history class! Now I've just got work the rest of this week (including Thursday, when I will be in charge of the classroom as Chavela, who's usually in charge, is taking time off for her birthday), and next Monday I start my serial killers class!

I think I did decently on my final - it's hard to say, because I get all those effing presidents confused constantly. Ever since the turn of the century, everybody's gone way too centrist, it's hard to remember which policies were from which party, let alone which presidents were from which party!

Thankfully, however, most of the questions were about the wars and/or civil rights, so I should be good.

And now! I have two hours to kill before work! To the internets!
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21JS - *dorky wave*

Oh, ppl.

Dude, we got some mail for the former residents today.

Yeah, not normally a big deal. But, you know, they moved over eleven years ago. So it rather amuses me.

In other awesome news, I totes found a rly good Zim mpreg. Oh yes. I can has read.
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