August 3rd, 2008

MST3K - fish

Too. Many. New fandoms.

Under my mother's influence, I have watched two episodes of Robin Hood (the BBC show, mind you), and I may now be addicted. Even if this show is overthrowing my childhood love of Will Stutely in favor of Allan-a-Dale.

Granted, there appears to be a lack of Allan/Much fic, but I always go for the less popular ships. I'm used to it.

And thanks to the commercials, I'm gonna get into Primeval as well. And I just bought the first Anita Blake book (hoping to stop myself before it goes straight to porn). And I got back into anime. I am being overwhelmed by fandom!

Back to Robin Hood: I may also ship Allan/Carter which, honestly, I am getting a bit tired of obsessing over ships that no one else sees! ...although, there does appear to be a few Carter/Much, which is also awesome.

Oh, whatever, I need to go do stuff.

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