August 11th, 2008

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My Arabic professor totally didn't show up today because he was confused by the schedule. Although I was looking forward to it, at least it gave me time to go to the financial aid office and the cashier's. Now I'm killing a few minutes before work, where I shall work for two hours, and then have an hour of being on the computer and reheating some gyoza, and then it's off to computers for morons!

Hey, everybody needs a class or two to boost their GPA, right?

On the slightly disturbing side, I realized something last night: I've been in (non-chatroom) RPGs for five years; I've been going to fan conventions for five (six?) years; and I have been in fandom for ten years.

Ten years. A freakin' decade. I'm 18, fer cryin' out loud! *wild flailing ensues* On the upside, I've moved on from Star Wars and Animorphs to... *checks tabs* Er, Naruto and Dark Angel?

...yeah, I made myself sad. Oh well. Off to work! I shall show up early and they shall be amazed.
21JS - *dorky wave*

There is, like, nobody on campus at 6.30pm.

Oh, forgot to do this earlier. The teacher never showed, but the class did for my Arabic class. In the tradition of Julia, I shall give them descriptive names:

Tall and Cute
Bitchy Art Teacher
Muslim Girl
Progressive Muslim Girl
Bad Tan Job
Former SEAL
Middle Eastern Boy 1
Middle Eastern Boy 2

Those last two are so named because they didn't really talk to the rest of us. At all. The former Navy SEAL was also really, really cute, but probably in his 30s. Alas! Oh, and Progressive Muslim Girl only had her hair covered, she was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The other girl had the full robes (dress? Burka? I think it's burka) on.

And now, it's almost time for my computers class! Hey guys, I'm gonna learn how to type, aren't you excited for me?!