August 26th, 2008

HMT - ...huh?

I shall no longer be gluten-ous!

So... it appears that I am gluten intolerant! While it's nice to finally maybe not be constantly sick (and, given the long-term effects, be able to sleep), I'm already craving bread and ramen. I love ramen, we have boxes of it!

Maybe I'll just limit it. Like, have ramen once a week only. Yeah, that could work. As for bread, there is such a thing as gluten-free bread, we just have to hit Whole Foods or something to get it.

In other news! I have completed three chapters of my smart(ass)!Harry fic. And I'm wondering how to get him actively involved in something when it's mostly against his character to do more than sit back and watch things. I mean, I've got him at all the crucial shit from the book, but he doesn't actually care or initiate any of it (even less than he did in the real book), and I'm worried readers might not like such a passive MC. Hm...