August 30th, 2008

dr. ? - Jack's duh look

Those wacky animals!

It's official, my cat is a freak. He didn't touch his wet food at all yesterday (understandable, I don't think he's a big fan of beef), or today (less understandable, as it's his favorite), but just decided to lick up the remnants of iceberg lettuce and spicy ranch dressing.

Figures. First I pick a dog that eats bread, then a cat that eats salad.
OZ - told ya so

More slash conspiracy theories, man.

Okay, I just watched the end of Ocean's 11, right? And when they're all standing, staring at the fountain, and Rusty looks at them all on one side, and then the other, he totally shares a look with Turk, and Turk nods his head, and then Rusty walks off and Turk totally follows him.

Plus, Turk totes calls Rusty 'sweetheart' in Ocean's 13, no lie. Or possibly Danny; IMDb is unclear.