September 8th, 2008

Psych - BA-NA-NA

Spore, and a poll!

...okay, I downloaded it a few hours ago, and Spore already owns my life. Jesus. This shit is addictive, man.

Anyway! As I am now nineteen and in my final year of teenage hood, I've decided to have a little last act of 'teenage rebellion' (only not really, because my mom's totally behind it). So! I've been thinking I should re-do my hair, and maybe get my ears pierced and stick with it, and maybe get a tattoo. So I turn to you all!

What should I get?

hair dyed

Hair color?

other (say in comments)
don't dye your hair!


one in bottom of each ear
two in bottom of each ear
one in bottom of each ear, one in top of each ear
two in bottom of each ear, one in top of each ear
don't get piercings!


something in Arabic
don't get a tattoo!
CHERUB - black shirt

Stuff on top of things and stuff!


Okay! Here's my list of things that I totally gotta buy and should therefore save money for:

16 September: Harvest Moon for the Wii
23 September: Lost in Blue for the Wii
8 October: Ender's Game, the comic #1
1 November: Ender in Exile, the latest Ender book
9 December: The entire freakin' Obernewtyn series finally hits the US
5 February: The Escape, book one in the Henderon's Boys series
4 April: Sims 3 released (maybe)

Add in maybe hitting Mile Hi Con again this year, and my entertainment costs spiral out of control! Even with my mom's new Best Buy employee discount, man. Plus, there's another CHERUB book out now, and another coming out at some undetermined point, and those aren't on there.

Oh, and apparently there's some work being done to make a CHERUB movie. I would flail wildly screaming if this happened, and it was released in the US. Srsly. I would. I would spaz.thefuck.out. I love that damn series, man. Sadly, Nick Hoult is way too old to play James (what, I've loved Nick Hoult since he was in that episode of Keen Eddie!).

Also, I totally got inspired to start a HP RPG. Somebody shoot me, put me out of our misery!
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Julia and I have a Plan.

biscuiteatingsob: Yeah, I'm reading Fandom Wank, and apparently he cut off RPATTZ at the VMAs, and the fangirls are out for blood.
biscuiteatingsob: ...and god, why does that sentence make sense to me?
theformerclarity: ...I don't know.
biscuiteatingsob: Fandom really ought to claim a piece of land nobody wants and succeed from the country. Like Wyoming, let's take Wyoming.
biscuiteatingsob: We've already got our own language!
theformerclarity: Yay! And I think you mean secede.
biscuiteatingsob: ...right. I totally did.
theformerclarity: But really? Wyoming? I think we should go with Utah. Age of consent is 12, and polygamy is semi-legal, so all the middle-school fangirls can marry Edward!
biscuiteatingsob: Ooh, good point!
biscuiteatingsob: But the Mormons may not want to give us Utah.
biscuiteatingsob: See, I was going for Wyoming because nobody lives there or cares about it.
theformerclarity: Yeah, but there are way too many cows.
biscuiteatingsob: Yeah, but that means lots of steak and pot roasts!
theformerclarity: Tru, tru.
theformerclarity: Plus, my family is friends with a millionaire who lives there, we could totally kill him and take his house.
biscuiteatingsob: Perfect!
biscuiteatingsob: It will be the ruler's mansion.
biscuiteatingsob: Whatever the ruler shall be named.
biscuiteatingsob: Supreme BNF?
theformerclarity: No. Supreme BAMF.
theformerclarity: Because if you killed a millionaire for his house, you are a BAMF.
biscuiteatingsob: Tru, tru.