November 10th, 2008

21JS - *dorky wave*

Nano Procrastination!

So, I've reached new levels in Nano procrastination - it's up to you whether they're high or low levels. I'm at 2k words (not a typo), and have in the past 24 hours: watched lots of TV, gotten two new games (Advance Wars: Days of Ruin & My Japanese Coach), started a Sims 2 legacy challenge (The Lulzacy), spent too much time on Encyclopedia Dramatica and TV Tropes, and, oh yeah, organized my bookshelves... by creating a spreadsheet.

Books by number in genre (this, by the way, is just the books that were on the shelves, i.e. maybe a fifth of my collection):
Manga - 2
Unknown (defy genre) - 5
RL (fiction about the real world) - 6
Mystery - 10
Media tie-ins - 10
Historical fiction - 11
Classics - 13
Science fiction - 21
Nonfiction - 42
Fantasy - 77

Oh yeah. Random other info: I have no stand-alone manga or mystery books, only one stand-alone scifi book (Shade's Children), and six stand-alone fantasy books - of which two are Diana Wynne Jones books and two are short story collections (the other two are Good Omens and Ella Enchanted).
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My political post for the year, folks.

Julia (6:41:03 PM): Indeed! I don't understand! My arguments are backed up by logic and facts, yet when I try to explain this to my liberal friends, they flip a bitch. Srsly, liberals are like racoons: they see something shiny in a jar (Obama), reach in to grab it, and their paw gets stuck, but they're so mesmerized by the shiny object that they can't let go and free themselves, so they die there. I'm just waiting for that last part.