December 1st, 2008

BtVS - Latin

I feel dirty now.

I have a shameful thing to tell you, my friends.

I recommended Cassandra Clare's City of Bones to someone.

In my defense, it was to an old friend who was obsessed with dragons and is now a Twilighter and - get this - hasn't read a book for fun since reading Twilight because no other book has the great character development of Twilight.

I'm pretty sure I actually started twitching in the middle of Borders. But hey, I got to babble about numerous book series that were actually good! She just looked confused by why people would want to read 'em, but whatevs. I tried... and then directed her to City of Bones.
LOCI - books?

Books I hath forgotten!

This is mostly for my own reference. There's two books that I always forget the name of, and loved. The first one is usually easier to find - Robin's Country, by Monica Furlong, in which there's a mute amnesiac boy who falls into (literally) one of Robin Hood's lairs. Damn I love that book.

The other one I just found after a rather grueling search - given that all I remembered was that it was in a Slavic country, there was possibly a knife that was important, and the MC buttons his shirts randomly in order to ward off the evil eye... well, you'd think it would never be found. But I found it! The Circle Maker, by Maxine Rose Schur.
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