January 26th, 2009


Iiii gave blood!

So I totally gave blood today, and now have a mega-cool purple arm wrap which, sadly, keeps me from being able to bend my left arm very much. On the upside, somebody totally passed out when I was there! Apparently they've had three people pass out in the six hours they were here - the tech I was talking with had worked for Bonfils for a year and never had more than one person pass out in a single day. Makes sense to me, though, college students aren't especially known for taking care of themselves (especially, I suspect, on campuses like Auraria, where nearly every student is going to school and working).

But yes. I gave blood, got some cookies, and feel extremely proud of myself for not freaking out (and for managing to manipulate my heart rate and blood pressure to give-able levels, since they like to go way high and way low, respectively).

And now, I have some time to kill before I head off to Crime Mapping, the most awesomest class taught by the most awesomest professor (at least in this semester; my English prof has apparently done NaNoWriMo once, but hated it, which is just further proof of why I should dislike her).

I could probably leave for it now, we're in the computer lab for today.

Oh, and once again, c_crecs is my recommendation journal! Feel free to rec me something to read, and it may end up there!